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Safety Tips

We at TeachItUp take safety seriously and thus want to pass along a few tips. In general, the tutors, teachers and professionals that post ads to TeachItUp pay a subscription fee to post ads for their tutoring services. This not only helps to fund the site, but also creates a vested interest for those who post ads. Even so, we wanted to provide a few common sense ideas when interacting with others online:

1)      Always meet in a public place such as a library

2)      Bring a friend or family member along with you

3)      Make sure a friend or family member knows your location

4)      Bring your cell phone

5)      Don’t wire money

6)      Don’t give out financial information such as credit card or bank account numbers

7)      Always do your homework, such as request copies of college degrees, teaching certifications and so on

8)      TeachItUp does not review or sensor posts for authenticity

9)      TeachItUp does not employee, contract with for tutoring, nor is represented by those posting ads on our site

10)  TeachItUp does not employee, contract with, nor is represented by those who respond to ads posted on our site

11)  TeachItUp does not verify the references or perform any type of background check of those posting ads

12)  TeachItUp does not verify the references or perform any type of background check of those who respond to ads

13)  TeachItUp is not involved with the transactions between you and the person who posted the ad and does not guarantee services or pricing

14)  TeachItUp will never send you an email requesting financial information, passwords or other types of personal information.

15)  Follow you instincts and be safe


The safety tips listed above are just suggestions and thus not a complete list of  ways to securely browse the internet. To learn more about internet safety we have provide a few external web sites for you to review:





If you feel that an ad posted is fraudulent in nature please contact us at: Support@TeachItUp.com


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